Diving Back into Larger Formats

I haven't worked in a larger format for my drawings in a while. Most of my recent drawings have been notebook size, almost sketches, that I've refined into finished pen and ink pieces. This is the reason they are often of just one animal set by themselves.

So, a few days a go, the pad of 18" x 24" paper that has been hanging out next to my computer started to call out to me. "Why haven't you done an actual composition in a while? You know how much you like working on larger paper." It was pretty relentless. I suppose it felt neglected.

So I said "what the hey, let's do it." So, I set up a drawing space, got some lighting in place, and went for it.

The above photo is of a corner of the piece. There will be bugs. I love drawing bugs for some reason. They can be so fascinatingly colorful and alien. Maybe some flowers, but I don't know yet. I'm still working out the layout. I want to try a different pen and ink shading technique. I have used stippling a lot in the past, but I want to try and add some variety to my pen and ink technique. 

I will give an update as the work progresses!