Feral Beagle is a year old

Well now, it has been over a year now since we started this adventure. This website is also nearing its one year anniversary. It has been a crazy year. Losing data in the database at the previous host, having to change hosts, new host going down because of fires in Southern California, the business actually physically moving. It has been a bit of a whirlwind. But we have learned a lot too (like who is not a good web host if you want to do a Drupal site).

In honor of the year-old-status, we have been making some changes to this site to improve functionality, look and just give it a somewhat "refreshed" feeling.

1. Changed the home page slideshow script to bxslider script (found at <a href="http://bxslider.com/" target="_blank">bxslider.com</a>). They have written a wonderful script out of the box. It is also responsive, which means when the screen size grows or shrinks, the slideshow grows and shrinks as well. Our previous slideshow, while nice, did not have this feature. It looked good on some screens, but just okay on others. Now it should look the same for all screen sizes.

2. Pagination. Our image galleries were threatening to become unwieldy and slow down load times for viewers. So we added pagination (dividing up content over a certain size into chunks displayed on different pages). This should create a more pleasant gallery viewing experience. We have limited the number to six per page. This seems to work well on both big screens and tablet devices. It took a little PHP work, but the results are worth it.

3. Video pages linked to YouTube. Before we were loading from our own site, but now this site loads from our <a href="https://www.youtube.com/user/feralbeaglellc" target="_blank">YouTube channel</a>. What this does for us is make it easier and faster to get our videos up. When we load a new video to Youtube, it will automatically load to this site as well. This will make some other video projects we have in the works much easier to work with as well.

4. File clean up and maintenance. You know, the not quite so visible and dramatic changes, but still necessary for function and sanity.

So, please let us know what you think! Also, if you do find that a page on our site is giving you problems, let us know immediately. Like always, we try to test on as many browsers as possible in as many configurations as possible. But there might be something we missed!