Larger Format...and Some Lessons - UPDATED

So, I've been working on the larger format pen and ink that I mentioned in the last post, and I believe I am basically done. There are a few things that I have learned/re-learned along the way.

Oh yeah, bristol paper is out there for a reason - better surface for ink, holds up better... I used sketch paper. It's an acid free pad, which is good, but didn't hold up as well. I wonder also to if bristol will be better for photographing. Which brings me to...

Fine lines don't photograph well. This was another reason I was working in small, sketchbook size formats. I can scan the smaller sizes and get those fine lines. I have a pretty nice scanner, but it only does regular letter size documents. I was able to photograph the piece fairly well with a lot of futzing, but some fine lines still were lost. Luckily, we get lots of sunshine where we're at, so I had good light to photograph by.

I tried scanning the work in pieces. Grrr, I don't recommend that at all. I scanned it in 9 pieces thinking I'd piece them together like a puzzle. Nope. Slight rotation differences, a little warping, and it ain't happening. And I'm pretty good at the Photoshopping.

I also tried taking it into a (will not name company) store that had a larger format scanner. They said it did 300 dpi. Yeah, not so much. Looked horrible; pixelated lines, small lines still missing. Thankfully, it only cost a couple of bucks. There's another place near here to visit to get the larger format scan done. Will be going there today, and give update on how that turns out.

I also learned that I need another light in my office. I have lots of lights for photography and video production, but none for over my drawing desk. How did this happen? I know I have a friend or 2 that can hook me up. Something maybe with a clamp, a bendable arm, and about maybe 5000k light spectrum? Someone?

So, off to visit another place with a larger format scanner, and maybe get some coffee, yeah, coffee.

UPDATE May 28: I did find a place where I can get a good quality scan of the work - FedEx! Really, they have a pretty good scanner. Still lost some of the finer lines, but not all that bad. But the whites are, well, white, and most of the lines made it in and look good even zoomed in really far. And it was only about $1.25 for the scan. I've started adding color now. I'm going for a sort of old style illustration look. I will add a new post with the color version when it's done.