Hard at work

So, we've added more content and actually have a real "Internet Development" page up. Chris did the layout, and I think he did a wonderful job. I currently have some sound clips to format and compress. Keep an eye on our "Audio" page, they should be up soon! In other news, I just finished work on www.donmsmithphotography.com. There are bound to be a few tweaks on the site here and there, but I feel it's a good update. There were a few criteria the site needed to fill.

  1. It is a photography site. Unlike most sites in which a designer will try to avoid using lots of images, this site is, by its nature, image rich. So I needed to keep the performance up, but yet do the very thing that often deceases performance. Ah, the puzzle. One way I dealt with it was separate the images into different galleries. Don does have a lot of photos though. I may go back and add pagination to the individual galleries as well.
  2. There needed to be a way for Don to add and remove photos on his own, so content management. I decided to go with Drupal for this project mostly for the high degree of customizability. Of course this meant a lot of custom PHP and jQuery, but I do love a challenge.
  3. The ability to expand. What if Don wanted to do a blog at some point in the future? What if he branched out into other genres? What if he wanted to put up a shopping cart? Again, in this case, I think Drupal gave the best options for future expansion.

So there you have it! Please, visit his site! He's a great photographer! www.donmsmithphotography.com. Cheers!